Κυριακή, 11 Ιανουαρίου 2015

Politicians ,religions and truth.(All in one sentence!!you know something is not right!)

It all starts with the assumption that all that happens and being said is real,honest.
But it is not.
Politicians declare their support and determination to the protection of faith ???
As if they are not aware of the lies ,and the trickery of religions.
As if they do not know that it is all a scam.
But they pretend ,in order to satisfy the hypocrisy of the citizens....
The religious citizens who even though most of them know religion is a myth,and there are no gods,(after all they've attended the same schools i did ,didn't they?)
So it is all a game of lies.
From all sides.
And then i get shot from some of these idiots.
Or my home is destroyed and my way of life vanished because of their continuous hypocrisy .
No,thank you but no!
This has to stop now.
Stop this pretentious lies ,this fake respect ,this fake freedom to be a slave.
And please stop threatening me,i am not bothering anyone,
so why do you (religious bastards) have this extra right??
Stop equalising your threats and actions against life ,with a well expressed and well  founded criticism

(see there s not punch line.you need to think.....and make your conclusion yourself.No ready made ideas here...plus you need to consider all my comment not just a line..:):)....)

PS:As i write these lines,i hear marie Lepen was excluded from the demo in paris and she is making an issue out of it.
Lets be clear.
I am talking about ALL RELIGIONS,her christianity included.
But lepen is a separate issue(and nazis).I dont want to go there right now,but you all know my opinion.Only prison for anyone who supports the crimes against humanity committed by the nazis back then,and the same for all who dare to say they want to follow his example(adolfs).If so ,lets take them to the finish line straight away....
die bitches!

Τρίτη, 30 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

I told you so!!!

I told you so!
It was a few years back when i was saying over and over to people who asked ,that this world is getting smaller by the day.
I felt back then the oworld was channging in a pace faster than everything i ve experienced before during my lifetime
Something felt bad.Poverty everywhere,and it wasnt just because i started observing it more carefully.It was because it was growing
Spain at the time,UK before that ,i ve seen people having to grow their kids without money ,without milk.
I ve shared scrapings of the bottom of the dumpster with other gitanos in andalusia,and i ve worked with the slaves of the glass houses in almeria .
i ve seen the brown dust that  progress leaves behind expanding and becoming a mountain first and then a desert,a whole continent.
It was a few years back when i was saying over and over to people who asked ,that there is a divide in our world,the only real divide,is this between rich and poor.
I ve read so many books,for kids and adults alike that teach you how to become an obedient,sometimes maybe better paid by the majority of your fellow slaves,but still a slave.
I ve watched so many attempts of the rich to confuse the way ,to obscure reality and have you searching for enemies that do not exist and divides that are not there
I ve watched so many people fall for the false dream.
I ve watched some others though
who did not
I ve lived with others that didnt.
I was there when jesus was born and sold ,
i was there when the word went wrong

Τετάρτη, 5 Νοεμβρίου 2014

Η Ανειλικρινεια (των γενεων)

Η ανειλικρινεια της νεας γενιας....
Πειτε ρε σεις ευθεως οτι θελετε να ψοφησουν οι γεροι και να εφαρμοσετε τις μαλακιες που νομιζετε οτι ειναι και ανακαλυψεις σας.....
πειτε το,αφου το δειχνετε με ολους τους αλλους τροπους....
τι περιμενετε να αυτοκτονησουμε μονοι μας?

Η ανειλικρινεια της παλιοτερης γενιας......
Πειτε ρε σεις οτι θελετε να ψοφησουν οι νεοι στα ισα,οτι δεν θελετε να εχετε ανεργους και ζητιανους γυρω σας που ειναι πιο εξυπνοι,πιο μορφωμενοι,πιο ζωντανοι απο σας...
τι περιμενετε να αυτοκτονησουν μονοι τους?

Η ανειλικρινια ολων μας ,...
Ας πουμε επιτελους οτι δεν μας νοιαζει τιποτα αλλο απο την δικη μας και μονο επιβιωση ,και την εκμεταλευση ολων προς οφελος μας ατομικο.
Πειτε οτι υποκρινομαστε τους ευγενεις,τους ηθικους,τους νομοταγεις,τους καθως πρεπει ,αλλα κατα βαθος ,ανωμαλοι,παιδεραστες,αδηφαγα αρπαχτικα,και σκατοψυχοι ειμαστε ....

ανθρωπακια μεχρι να παραδεχτουμε οτι ειμαστε ανθρωπακια.
μετα ισως μεγαλωσουμε λιγο.

Παρασκευή, 26 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

Superiority packs (a public sector story from Greece)

A pack of wolves.
Today i want to talk about the pack of wolves,that live and work in the public sector of Greece.
These are the people ,who for decades ,were employed without any qualifications,they were assigned to jobs they could not handle or execute,and these are the same ones who today demonstrate against austerity ,cuts etc.
I want to draw the separation line,the border between doffferent classes .
I want you to understand that maybe you are one of these people i describe
The ones who expect to go by life without any effort .
And these are the same people who promote as quality cunningness and the art of defrauding people,especially the weakest possible to encouynter.
Because the others might put up a fight.where as the poor,the ea,the diable,have lkess chances to stand up and demand their rights ..
This is the way public sector works.
If you are disable in Greece ,and you dont have someone to run around doing all the beaureucratic chores,you will surely die.
If you are disabled and you can nopt climb up and down stairs ,run around the city from office to office to collect the stamps and signatures requires...you are dead!
This racism,is everywhere.
And the Greeks dont care,do not pay any attention .
Like a pack of wolves,they are all friendly as long as you can help the tesam.If you are in need,you die.You are left on your own devices,and die.
And the pack is not just attacking the weak.
They are attacking anyone different.
The same people ,if they hear you speaking a foreign language ,straight away they class you in their head as an enemy.
Ther moment they realise that you maybe are smarter,more experienced,more qualified,or more whatever,the jealousy kicks in.
And then it is that the attempt to silence you become brutal.violent.
It happened to me.
All because they felt that they could not play the superiority card with me!..

if you are poor ,they assume you are dirty,illiterate etc.
Yes you are the wolf.

And the sheep?who are the sheep?who are those who take it without resistance of demonstration of their anger?who are these sheep who take it and never even think of asking for what is rightfully theirs.

We are sheep...
I dont mean we follow without questioning,this is not what i am talking about.
Sheep in the sense that we are victimised,we are classified by these people as subhumans,as not deserving to exist on the same earth and use the same resources.

Yes i can see it in your eyes.
I can see it in all your actions.
You dont want peace,you dont want to share you dont want to protect.
You just want,need,and do anything to feel superior...

It is all about you!.
You fucken bastard.
You .

PS>Inspiration for this came from a real life incident in the benefits agency,when i was attempting to apply for health cover from the state(as disabled and unemployed).
They asked for all kinds of pares,and during my 2nd visit ,they insisted on asking for a declaration ,which aleready was included in other paper that were included in my file.It was an attempt to stick to the letter of the law,knowing that there is no logic way about it.So i realised they are choosing who to servce,who to help.If you are not the servant kind,if you do not exhibit slaves attitude and have your head bent and your eyes to the floor,then you have a problem!!like i do!.
I promised that i wiull do anything in my power to have them sucked,thrown out from public sector.

Πέμπτη, 11 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

September the 11th 2001

September the 11th 2001.I am in Ashford,have just moved there from London .
I live in a residential area,with noshops,no nothing,just houses all around to the end of the horizon.
And of course one daily past time was to follow the news on TV
So the TV is on in the sitting room ,and we are preparing something to eat.All of a sudden i see the airplane dricing in the twin towers.silence.
Smile.hey is this a new movie?
No it is reality ,it is happening now.
It took us a good 5 minutes before we could speak and say anythng.
Mesmerised we watched and watched while people were jumping off the windows of the 113th floor .
We watched in disbelief.Total denial.
It was impossible for me to realise that this is reality.
It looked so out of here,that i refused to register it as truth for a while in my head.It was as if i was watching a movie.
And then came the pentagon news.and then the other airplanes news....
I was stuck on the TV since then ,for a good part of the next years or so.
It became almost an addiction ,to keep up with what is going on .
Bush started the 2nd Iraq war and i was still stuck o the TV.
A small break to participate in the antiwar movement in London and then back again in front of the TV.
As if I could change shit from there...
Bu7t this was the result of the shock.
It was planned to make me (and everybody else) feel this way,act this way.
It turns out they ve had everything calculated and everything prepared.
Plans of #WMDs from sat spying,reports on reports that Iraq is a danger and Al queda has taken over the country ...
It was 11-9 2001 ....
And this kept me captive for years.
It wasnt until i bought the bvoat and started occupying my wholeday with it ,that i escaped from the magnetism of the violence and war.
It tyook me a good 2 years.
It was only when i moved to Ramsgate,back in civilisation,in the centre of the town,that i started going out again.
And this was the beginning of my new life.
I started diet,i started walking twice a day 5 miles,I lost 45 kilos in 6 months without feeling any stress whatsoever,and then i went on sailing around the world.
I overcame the semi-paralysis that i had in my right arm from the long computer use (spending 18 hours a day for years on a keyboard is not what i recommend to anyone).
I kept living a healthier lifestyle,i enjoyed my life for many years.
I met lots of interesting and not so interesting people.I had many many laughs.
I loved and (i think) got loved back.(OK maybe not as much as i though at first,but hey i am only human ,i can be taken for a ride by anyone really,not smart enough )..
This was the way i remember the 11th of septemer 2001...

For me ,as  apparently for the whole world ,it was the date that everything changed...:)

Παρασκευή, 5 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

The Beast

I will tell you what is wrong,
The Sunis ,the Shias,whoever ,all these people are actually trying to blackmail the international community into paying them to keep peacefull,to not attack our civilisation...
This is exactly what is going on with this said ISIS.
They got weapons,territory,and friends....
It is a Gang of people who are trying to live without actually producing anything.
As for the past,the story of imperialism,big powers ,stolen resopurces and all this,well it is history.
We have to see the facts of today
Kurds are trying for years to establish a state.
And the USA was always denying them this right by helping all their enemies.
Now they ae defending themselves and at the same time they are the front line of defence of the rest of the world it seems...

And it is not about religion.

It is about money at the end of the day.

It is about greed as it always is.

Maybe it is time to start planning a new world order,with those humans who recognise the right of every other human to exist in peace safety and to try and survive ,not hurting others or the planet while working to produce what our humanity needs.

And this is the quality difference between people like the Kurdish people who want oil wells not to become rich but to sustain their community,andpeople like big corporations or organisations that call themselves terrorists,but in fact are gangs who try to live as parasites on our world and society,sucking whatever they can ,by whatever means available to them.
The same thing that Cameron and his gang does,the same thing that every rich gang does on todays world.
The story with Ukrane ,Russia,and NATO calls for increased military expenses ,in a Europe hit by crisis ,is just another example of the lentgths these gangs would go in order to secure their power and extend it over other gangs.And when you look at these "leaders" of the NATO countries that got together in Wales to decide what to do with Russia as they claim(which i think was a lie,in reality they were all running scared to hide behind the USA which at the end let them down big time,since it has its own problems to solve ,financial and others),you can not help but wonder who the hell voted these types in power?Was it the people of Europe?
Or was it the bankers and the rich ,the perverted vultures and their slaves,who propagandised for so long that persuaded all European people to become stupid?...

I remember when i was young,we mostly (the young people ) wanted peace for the world,we were exploring ideas about universality ,humanityarianism,ideals...Since then ,the wave of media made stars came,promoting life style that had nothing to do with our dreams,and created a young generation of specialised idiots.
Specialisation in all kinds of scientific fields but socially uneducated and humanly unacceptable.
And there came the other prototype of the well exercised muscled man,the macho type who spends hours in the gym taking care of his meat,and thinks this is what life is all about.and then gets a job as a bouncer,waiting for the next war to happen ,so he ca join and show how big man with small dick but big gun he is...
Where did all the hippies go?
where did all the ideas about peace go?
what the fuck happened to you people?
are you getting born already sick in the mind?
idiots from birth?
fascists and conservatives from your youth?
where did all the "we will change the world power of the youth go???
Are you fucken dead?

Maybe it is time to reset everything.
Maybe it is time to hit that switch ,and blow ourselves up.
Maybe there is no other way.
Maybe it is the nature of the beast...us humans.

Τρίτη, 26 Αυγούστου 2014

Το τερας! (οχι αυτο που ειδε ο τραμπακουλας )

Νομοθετικα τερατουργηματα στηριζουν μια σαπια δημοκρατια λιγο πριν οι τραπεζιτες την εκτελεσουν στο ονομα της ελευθεριας(της αγορας παντα)
Κοινωνικα τερατουργηματα στηριζουν μια μειονοτητα ,τους κεφαλαιοκρατες που εξαγοραζουν σαπιες συνειδησεις ,πριν τις πεταξουν στα σκουπιδια στο ονομα της ελευθεριας(της αγορας παντα).
Επικοινωνικακα τερατουργηματα στηριζουν και στηριζονται απο μια καστα υπανθρωπων που μονος στοχος και σκοπος τους ειναι το ιδιον κερδος ανεξαρτητως κοστους σε ζωες.κατα προτιμηση δικες σας.Στο ονομα παντα της ελευθεριας(του τυπου,της εκφρασης της πληροφορησης,της δικης τους.γιατι για εμας εχει μονο προπαγανδα).
Τερατουργηματα φτιαγμενα απο ανθρωπους τερατα,για δημιουργια μιας τερατοειδους κοιννωνιας με ολα τα τερατοειδη χαρακτηριστικα.Αυτα που κληρονομει απο αυτους τους λιγους,τους ταγους,τους πλουσιους δωρητες,τους τερατοειδεις-τερατωδεις ευεργετες μας!!!
Ολα για το τερας.
Αυτο του καπιταλισμου ντε!