Κυριακή, 20 Μαρτίου 2011

Libya ,another example of an oil war

Τhe true fee of this war is oil, and France, Britain, United States, Canada are there with the intention of serving the interests of oil corporations and the extension of their influence into Africa

This is not a humanitarian operation, it is a war of conquest, and it will have devastating consequences not only on the people of Libya, but more generally

it won’t be very long before the people, the true popular uprising, realizes that they have no control over their country because the United States, France, Italy and Britain have moved in again.

they’ll have to divide the country, and probably the allied forces, United States, England, France, will be negotiating with the new government in the eastern part of Libya. But there’s also a great chance of a prolonged civil war

Built your Myth in Greece

Built your Myth in Greece....:)
then we will take it over ,kick you out of our proud country and this way we will make up for the billions you ve been robbing from greece for decades.with the weapons and the loans and the ovepriced and useless special contracts for infrastructure that was never built.And ther is this small matter of the german loan from the second world war,that we had to give to germany ,and we never got back.and which today is worth more than 50 billion euros.not to mention the siemens tricks and how they were byuing from politicians special treatment for their company and how they managed to get all the big contracts in greece and how they overpriced by many times all they ve sold to greece...
so built a myth in greece,come come,nice sun ,seas,and nice friendly people....unless you fuck them,in which case you re as good as ....gold..:))
not sure what all this means ,i just thought so...and i shared it...

Syria,where were we?

So its 2 weeks now gadaffi has been killing his people,with the help of mercenaries it seems.And on the other side,the big nations that have their eyes on the libyan oil ,are waiting for gadaffi to spend all his energy and resources and destroy the revolutionaries,so they (the big powers ) will not have to deal with a democratic goverment or a revolutionary council but rather will let gaddafi kill them and then will step in to "SAVE" THE PEOPLE OF LIBYA.(AND TAKE OVER THE CONTROL OF THE OIL OF COURSE)It s as usual ,business with oil and weapons.
So at the end we ll have witnessed mass murders,and the judgement of the civilised nations that will also pass on gadaffi.the USA ,NATO and the rest of the robbers will kill indiscriminanly people in libya ,will manipulate the information and with the media will create a picture that suits their purpose and affects the peoples feeling according to what the plan is for the libyan oil.
Or am i a very cynical person?.....
we ll see.Libyan oil will be sold to the winner of the battle of libya,from the winner of the battle of libya...does it make sense?when you think how many politicians have taken pribes from gadaffi ,then you dont need to think hard.everything has been prearranged ,and predecided.and it s not for the benefit of the poor libyans.Its only for those who will make profits out of oil ,rebuilding,and democratizing the primitives...oh man dont they know we all understand now their plans and we all are aware of the lies and double talk ?dont they see that the people will eventually kick hard the old political system ,before they proceed to create a new world .Except if i am so lost ,and what s going to happen is the rich and the few have plans to eliminate mass numbers of humans ,so they can install their order and continue to use and abuse the human species for profit.their own profit.
and the people will not rise because they will be terrorised,ignorant,uneducated,phobic with difference,sunk in mythical creations and misunderstandings ,purposely created for this and only reason.to distort reality .
And one word for greece.its just a small version of the world today.We live in the same conditions like all civilised nations ,and we face the same problems only bigger and better.you see ,the german banks,the british banks the usa banks they all want a piece of the cake ,and what a cake it is greece.especially without those bastards greeks.so thats a good plan.to starve greeks to death,force them (again) to immigrate to find jobs,and force then also to sell their properties at low prices(you are in crisis ,you need to survive so sell it now to me ,next month it will worth half of what it does today...)we ve experienced this before,we had the germans buying off land for p[eanuts from the ignorant (of what the real value is ) peasants ,and they built vilas,swimming pools,and imported all their belongings from germany(so no contribution to the local economy).also they onloy shop at german shops (LIDL) and work hard to force more greeks around to seell their property to some german friend .so the slow creation of a german community has been happening for years now ,a bit like mallorca where 50 per cent of the land today belongs to german citizens....
so what to do?me for one will sell everything and go away from greece.nothing works here anyway.So i d let those foreigners to come ,buy ,face all the problems,build,and then i ll come back and claim what is mine by right (aws i am a greek.) then we will just kick out all the foreigners and reclaim everything for greeks.and we can create on their back a nice infrastructure ,like they have in germany.anyway they owne us billions for the overpricing of w=everythignthey sold to the greek goverments the last 30 years.(siemens,submarines etc etc etc )
Ok i know its a rough plan ,i havent worked out all details but you get the main idea....:))
So come to greece,BUILT your myth ......(and then we will wake you up to leave..)

Ο κυριακος ειναι εδω.επιτελους

Μα ναι δεν το ξερατε ?Ο κυριακος ερχεται στο τελος καθε εβδομαδας.μετα το σαββατο ......¨))

Δευτέρα, 14 Μαρτίου 2011

What can american idiots say about japan and the tsunami disaster

oh man this got me really upset.I d like to eliminate this kind of people from our planet .even if i have to become like them.shit.
fucken ghandi was forgiving....i cant be.

The meaning of all

There is No meaning in the world, beyond what we give it. That's at once obvious, and then suddenly lonely, barren---what an odd response.
I suppose I m caught in a conflict of feeling. I mean, Often I've found myself pondering over some meaning.
No one else is aware of it.
But then if I'm the only one giving meaning, it's as if I'm the only one here.
Maybe that's why we try to get the other person to sense the same meaning---so we can have company.

Rachel Garner

Κυριακή, 13 Μαρτίου 2011

Η σιωπη των αμνων(των ελληνικων)

Βουλωστε το ,λεει ο καρατζαφυρερ στη βουλη στους βουλευτες ,και κανεις δεν ζητα εξηγησεις ουτε καταδικαζει.λες και ειμαστε σε χουντα.
Σιωπη λενε οι δικαστες στα βλογσ που διαδιδουν λεει ψευδεις προβλεψεις(??).και ψαχνουν τροπους να κλεισουν τα blogs
Εναμιση εκκατομυριο ανεργοι στην ελλαδα,ομως σε καμμια πορεια δεν τους βλεπεις,ειναι η σιωπηλη πλειοψηφια,που εχουν φιμωσει τα κομματοσκυλα,οι προβαλλομενοι συνδικαλιστες,και οι κρατικοι υπαλληλοι καθε ειδους.Ενω οι ανεργοι υποφερουν στην σιωπη.
Μια ελλαδα υσηχη,ακριβως οπως την θελουν,με προβατακια να βοσκουν αμεριμνα τα χορταρια της MOΝSANTO,αναμεσα σε ηλιακους συλλεκτες της ΣΙΕΜΕΝΣ.
Εγω παντως βαρεθηκα τοση υσηχια.λεω να φυγω για αλλη χωρα οπου οι πολιτες εχουν και φωνη ,και απολαμβανουν τον σεβασμο του κρατους.
Οσο για τους συμπολιτες μου ελληνες,δεν εχω καμμια ελπιδα,εχουν πια εξελιχθει σε φασιστοειδη,ρατσιστες,σε κλεφτες και απατεωνες,κλεβουν ο ενας το αλλο ,και ολοι μαζι οτι μπορουν απο το κρατος δηλαδη απο ολους .και με θρασος μιλανε ,λες και ειναι αθωοι.
επιχειρηματιες της αρπαχτης,δημοσιοι υπαλληλοι της μιζας,πολιτικοι που ειναι αταλαντοι και αχρηστοι.υπηρετες των πλουσιων εχουμε γινει ολοι.Αναδιανομη πλουτου ,δεν θα γινει ευκολα στη ελλαδα,αφου ολοι θελουν να εχουν πιο πολλα απο ολους τους αλλους.Η ελληνικη γυφτια,η ελληνικη διχονοια,βασιλευουν.
Και πιοα ειναι η λυση?δεν υπαρχει.Το μελλον κατα την γνωμη μου για την ελλαδα,ειναι μια χωρα ,χωρισμενη σε δυο η και πιο πολλα κομματια,με μεταναστες να απαιτουν ανεξαρτησια ,με ελληνες υπηρετες που δεν μπορεσαν να φυγουν,με ξενους που αγορασαν την γη,με τουρισμο που δεν θα αφηνει τιποτα στην χωρα,με πλουτο ο οποιος εχει προπωληθει για το τιποτα σε πλουσιους , με κεφαλαιο που απομυζα οτι εχει μεινει και το εξαγει ,για να διασφαλιστει σε αλλες χωρες.ΚΑι εδω ηλιος,αερας και νερο θα ειναι πιο ακριβα απο οτι ο χρυσος αλλου.γιατι δεν θα μεινει τιποτα απουλητο ,τιποτα ιερο ,τιποτα ανεκμεταλευτο .τιποτα για να πραστατευτει ο πλανητης και η ζωη μας.μονο κερδη.
καλυ τυχη ελλαδα,εγω παντως προβατακι δεν εγινα στα 50 χρονια ζωης μου,δεν θα γινω τωρα.
Πουλημενοι ελληνες..