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Redefining words and meanings for the new world

Ok i know i am going to sound very orwellian with this.
It seems to me that we are in need for an updated translation of words.
What we ve learned in order to communicate,educate,live ,is specific definitions of words.And these definitions are outdated .
the reasons are not my intention to investigate at this moment .I d rather talk about what comes next.
Redefining all the basic meanings,will create a basis,a platform for new ideas to be expressed and communicated between people.and by universal i mean maybe on national level at first ,but with implications that go beyond borders.
So we need to explain to ourselves what exactly we mean with words like respect,equallity,lawfullness,legality,human need,freedom,peace,development (green or any other colour).
We need to honestly define first in our head and then in conjunction with others understanding create this solid breeding ground of ideas ,social plans,and organisation of society.
There s a question about how this is gong to happen.by demolishing all structures of today seems to me an overkill.(even though i believe the system is working with the help of those who serve it ,therefore they have a responsibillity towards human race ,for contributing to the success of the enemy.)
And sticking with them as they are alsoo is not working.
So i think the way forward is to use some of these social structures ,and allow those who dont have representation or they lack any longer the reason for existing,to seize their miserable and costly to the citizens operation.
We must organise the country at first as a company.
we should fire everyone,and start from scratch as far as human resources is concerned.we need to employ really capable staff to take care of the common needs of society.
Parties ,should form ,but without any funding from the state whatsoever ,and with strict control of their finances ,so we dont get sold out politicians,who will need to also have a day job.and keep it,as all public business should take place alongside the personal life of every citizen.
actual punishment for any politician who used his place in order to gain personal wealth .and continious control of finances of every citizen including the president of the demopcracy...
As for context,the parties that might get a chance to exist will miror society,so we ll have propably a strong midlle class ,midlle income party,a poor party,and one for bankers and capitalistic pigs of all kinds.in elections whoever votes for anyhting else than the mid party gets his hand chopped off,in accordance to the liberal ideas and socialistic principles of the midlle class idiots who have nbeen demolishing thei own home all these years and now ask for others to take esponsibillity for it.
and so on and so forth,
No bailouts for banks,they should also run as private companiew with no tax payer money assistance.if some close,it will be because they are not needed.the fact is i dont see any need for banks to exist ,but hey thats just a stupid greek,so lets move on.
Goverment support to those who want to get a piece of land and cultivate.Free health services for all.And of course education free and without any charges.private schools can run,as they do,but no tax money to them also.
water ,electricity and telephone companies absolutely not sold,but reorganised on the same basis i already described.no favours.
Euro?out of it.europe?we are in it anyway ,and it will disolve anyway.
we must start organising our country focusing of self relliance ,independance from outer factors or resources.
It will be hard for a lot of people,who will have to abandon the life in the city and the work at the office ,and start digging the earth in order to produce food.but this road has an ending,or rather leads to a place better than the total destruction of every aspect of human life.
This will be the hardest part in this future.it already is ....before it even starts....
so ,those willing to make this change wil eventually ,and provided all the suggestions here are implemenmted at least up to a minimal.
Loans ,should be nulled and void and thats that.banks should take the loss.and to keep money flow,taxation on thew rich will actually be collected.
abandoned factories shpould go under workers control and start operations as publicly owned but run as private .for profit.
which brings us to define profit.should be part of our life?up to a limit.ther can be such a thing as too much profit.in many ways.
so we should have a definition of what is considered a logical,but at the same time humane and socially acceptable profit.and of coursed primarily if this profit is justified ,and how many will share it.there should be a maximum of belongings and money ,companies or buildings one can own .
all based on the logic that you can use and spend only so much.you cant be at the same time all over the world,trying to enjoy all the houses you ve got ,in different continets and oceans.and you can only sail one boat at a time.or run a fast car.only one every time.so maybe it would be smarter t sher these with more people,like have a few ferraris for the staf to go racing every weekend ,with the common cars.you can book it 1 month ahead...:)and you get to choose the colour.
i can give more examples but i believe you understood my idea and theory.but i beieve people are smart ,so i believe you all already understand.
we need to accept that life has changed.its better this way,than justice.ah justice should be blindfolded,and also selected by the people,with main requirement the common agreement that a person is going to be a good judge defending truth.at all times.
So anyway i went far from my original idea about imagining the future,and how it will work.yes i agree we cant forsee the future.but i m sure thats these things have to happen unles we humans decide to abandon ship and swim in the ocean,
Change is taking place right now,as you read. And the question is :do you want to influence it in a way to make this planet home for you and those who you consider brothers?
Our species is doomed to fail at the end,it s the same shit for many many other species .so should we fight for something that will soon be permenantlyunderwater.


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