Παρασκευή, 30 Σεπτεμβρίου 2011

Νεο λουκ για το μπλογκ

Μετα απο τοσο καιρο ειπα να αλλαξω το λουκ ,να κανω ισως πιο ξεκουραστο για τον αναγνωστη το μπλογκ.
Πειτε μου αν σας αρεσε η αλλαγη,η προτιματε το παλιο μαυρο με ασπρα γραμματα.
η γνωμη σας δεν μετρεαει βεβαια,αλλα πειτε το ετσι για να δω.thanks guys and galls.

tromaktiko: Έκτακτη εισφορά...

tromaktiko: Έκτακτη εισφορά...: Σήμερα έληξε η πρώτη δοση, 300 ευρω. Αποφάσισα να μην πάω να πληρώσω. Δεν παρασύρθηκα από αυτά που δείχνουν οι τηλεοράσεις, για δήθεν......

Κυριακή, 25 Σεπτεμβρίου 2011

Ποσο κανει?

Μαγιορκα ,καμποσο καιρο πριν η κριση χτυπησει.Αγκυροβολημενος στο Πορτοκολομ,ερχεται διπλα καταμαραν 25 μετρα ,Πολωνικη σημαια,με μια ξανθια ,40αρα ,μονη της.Μετα απο προβλημα με την προπελα στο οποιο βοηθησα ,καθομαστε στο κοκπιτ του καταμαραν,(σαλονι δηλαδη ,5χ5 μετρα,)πινοντας rioja απο την καβα της.Στο τραπεζι περιοδικο με σουπερ γιωτς,τα τελευταια μοντελα.
Και ρωταει ο αφελης ελληνας,ποσο κανει αυτο?..
και η απαντηση : george ,if you ve got to ask the price you cant afford it....
Ετσι ειναι κυριοι ,τοτε καταλαβα τι θα πει να εχεις πολλα λεφτα......
καλα ναναι ,με το καινουργιο καταμαραν τους ,35 μετρα γιατι το αλλο τους φαινοταν πια μικρο μετα απο 5 χρονια ζωης....

Σάββατο, 17 Σεπτεμβρίου 2011

Moving,lots of people moving,for just one thing

Since a few days now,i m seriously considering to move back to the UK.
I think i ve had enough of greece and the uncertainty that comes together with the decision to live in a country that is falling apart ,the worst possible time.
I am trying to imagine (from what i ve lived in the past ) how i ll be there.
I will have to start from scratch building relations with people ,something i have to do even if i stay here,since the last year or so i m back in greece i havent really built any new friendships .
Then its the all important money issue.well i think i ll be better off in the UK ,since i ll be receiving my rent and pocket money from the state plus a few hundred eurow from greece.
I ve lived through the gold cage before.and i left the cage for uncharted waters,giving up all the luxuries of land life.so now i think its time to go back for me.
I can picture the first period to be hard,getting a flat ,arranging benefits,etc.but once setlled ,i ll be able to relax and enjoy whatever i choose.
weather you say?yes its not perfect ,usually its shit.but hey a bit of rain in exchange for a secure and relaxed life is it big porice to pay ?i m not sure yet.....

Δευτέρα, 5 Σεπτεμβρίου 2011

Καλα νεα κακα νεα

Τα κακα νεα πρωτα : Απο σημερα εχω internet provider ,ειναι επισημο.Τερμα στις συνδεσεις μεσα στον ηλιο η το κρυο ,απο μπαλκονια και παραθυρα,τερμα στο κρεμασμα με την κεραια στο χερι για να βρω ενα ανοιχτο δικτυο.Οποτε απο σημερα εχω και την δυνατοτητα να προσφερω συνδεση σε οποιον μπορει να την χρειαζεται.τι καλα....

τα καλα νεα τωρα:θα μπορω να παρακολουθω ολους τους ενδιαφεροντες για μενα ανθρωπους απο λιγο πιο κοντα...μην φρικαρετε χρονικα ενοουσα....

φανταζομαι οτι τωρα πρεπει να κρατησω ενα αυστηρο προγραμμα για να μην παρασυρθω και βρεθω να ξοδευω ολη την μερα μου μπροστα σε μια οθονη.Ευτυχως φροντιζει και η luna να με κραταει σε επαφη με την φυση ,βλεπετε δεν διαπραγματευεται την βολτα της ποτε.απαιτει και παιρνει που λενε.
αυτα για τωρα,φιλακια και καλες αντοχες ευχομαι σε ολους μας.

who fucked my world?

Welcome to the philosophers blog .This is my backup blog,this is the place where thoughts become words,and start to consitute a text that has the potential to produce emotions,to create images ,to kill all enemies,all in one go!

Greece ,things are looking bad,real bad.

Lies are the norm nowdays in our greek society ,it is as if truth is so painfull that noone dares to look for it.

The goverment is lying,the politicians are doing the same,the media are lying,the everyday person is now lying in most cases,it has even got inside relationships where today lying seems to be accepted even between lovers,for the sake of maintaining a fake image of togetherness and cooperation.

I see around me so much crap,sop many fake people,that i am paralysed.It seems that to exist in greece today you have to lie about something.if you try to deal with society with honesty ,my experience shos that you will ,at best ,be taken for some crazy guy /gall who is a bit slow also and they will laugh ,(always behind your back,thats also the norm in this country of cowards )

I cant wait to get away from this place that since i came back the only thing that offered me whatever my input ,is dissapointment.

but i m not sorry for greece.i dont really care.anyway my idea is that greece is inside our heads ,its our education ,social and school,its our friends at school ,its what we did before this system was brought upon us and assimillated most of my generation and after.

since i was 15 ,i disliked those who were trying to fit in,to be good boys.those who since then had the plan to exploit the weaknesses of the system and profit on the backs of the rest of their fellow citizens.

i could see from back then those who pretended to be fighting for students rights ,those who pretended to be fighting for worlers rights,or whatever.it was all a scam ,i could feel that the fake were taking over.but i hoped then that society will spit them out,as it was obvious their lack of honesty or of any understanding of what honesty is.

And they were playing the part of the socialists ,the right wing ,or the left wing.and to the few of us who resisted this classifications ,exhibited their worst self ,threatening us,with violence ,at first.

then as we grew older they changed into their capacity in the social ladder ,occupyting posts they didnt have the qualifications of the ability for.but they had an uncle or a friend who knew a friend,etc etc.

as for those who after some money they started to want to show off ,what they ve managed to steal from the greek people.And the greeks ,just watched all this circus without raising their voice to ask and demand explanations on how they made this money ,how did they get this job since they lack any relation with it.

And then came the silence of the consumer society ,everyone could get a loan ,have a show off car,house holiday ,or whatever ,just to show to the rest that he is someone.and this is how greeks learned to be noone.and thats what they are today.

all ignorant ,misinformed,feeling guilty for their actions but covering it up with money .

these people who i guess are praying for someone to put an end to their guilt ,and their suffering and fear of being discovered .and they will be discovered ,but nothing is going to hurt them as they ve bought already justice ,and politicians.so none can touch them .

unless......unless greeks revolt,overthrow this system and start a popular goverment ,a kind of democracy that will hold accountable everyone as a citizen.and then they maybe put in trial all those thousands of greeks who participated in the 4robbing of the public money,and then what ?

put them in prison?not enough room.ask them to pay back ?and if they dont?

put them in prison?

or hung a few of them to scare the rest onto giving back what theyve stolen from the people?no matter how i examine this ,there seems to be no solution unless ,the global situation stops influencing us ,unless we stop being scared and we decide to start resisting ,and whatever comes comes.but as long as we are happily living in confort ,tryint to keep away whatever threatens our greek way of life ,not understanding this isolation will kill us eventualy.

and more blah blah blah ,which is totally useless ,as society is a living thing ,and noone can totally control it ,or predict or plan its movcements.

so its all left in chance.and i am worried that this will colapse a lot earlier than i will die ,and i will have to change all my life ,to deal with something that i was not responsible for.

and then i will be anrgy ,and then i will have to fight against my self and my urges to start eliminating all those who fucked my world.

so patience ,what else to do?

Κυριακή, 4 Σεπτεμβρίου 2011

Bioi παραλληλοι....

για να δουμε αν αυτος ο παραλληλισμος θα σας πει κατι¨
Πως ελευθερωθηκε η Λιβυη απο τον γκανταφι ,με παραπλευρες απωλειες χιλιαδων πολιτων ,για φαντασου να ερθει ας πουμε εδω και να σας πει ,ναι θα σας κανουμε δημοκρατια ,αλλα πρεπει καποιοι να πεθανουν ,δεν ξερουμε ποιοι αλλα μετα παντως οσοι ζησουν θα εχουν απολυτη δημοκρατια ,και ουτε χρεη ουτε τιποτα,το κρατος θα ειναι τελειο,και ολοι θα εισαστε ανετοι.
Ποιος απο σας ειναι ετοιμος να το δεχτει αυτο?ε?

Πέμπτη, 1 Σεπτεμβρίου 2011

North vs South (Europe)

Society in Europe has totally lost it.Northerners believe southerners are taking advantage of them,that they work more than them,and that they are better europeans than the southern brothers.
(wide use of brotherhood here as we are not even close ,as customs or religions or even genetically)

Of course ,out of ignorance!
they do not understand that their countries are depending on exporting to these southerners ,and that their countries and their banks are making big ,huge profits from these loans to the southern countries.
It all seems to be based on a mixture of remnants of nazi like mentallity ,and misinformation.
And the surprising thing is that the northern europeans seem not to care to set the record straight ,seems they do not want to know ,evcen though they know the truth.
they are hiding their hate against the Greeks ,Spanish ,Portuguese ,behind the debt issue.
They do not dare to say that the reality is they have lived a life of being jealous of the southerners ,because they get to live in a nicer ,sunnier,and more humane country.
Where as they live in dark wet places ,industrialised,and in societies that are controlled,policed and opressed
slaves of the rich they are and they know it.
but instead of getting up against these who have been exploiting them for so long ,they prefer to act like asses and attack these people who could be their best allies and their best chance to live as humans.
they think that by stealing the ladnd and the resources and by pushing the citizens of the southern countries into poverty they will get to buy at bottom prices what is precious for humans,the clean air,water ,sunshine and a lovely sea.
well i for one can tell you this.
better change now ,because there is absolutely no chance you will get to materialise these nightmares .
Even if on paper you manage to steal our countries,you will have a BIG problem claiming them and using them.
come and try it.
try to kick out the greeks from their land.
try to steal an island,and kick out the citizens.
try to impose any kind of measures ,that go agaijst the greek social norm.
we will never allow this to happen .so that you know.
even if you manage to make it all legal on paper through the perverted laws of the european union,we will resist .
you will have to be prepared to give your life ,because we are.
we will prevail.
we will never become servants or slaves .
if we are to lose our land and our dignity ,trust me you will have to pay a big price.
so big that humans will remember it for thousand years.
dont underestimate the power of the people.
we will fuck you if you try.
and you will die trying.
and maybe then we can take back what you ve stolen the last 40 years.
just try.
we are so looking forward for you to give us the excuse .
come on then.
try .
There is another perspective on this ,that not all bad things that happen to greece are of foreign origin.there are greeks who participate in all this.
there are a lot of greeks who think like the europeans in question and care only to have money and they dont care how they achive that.
so the whole text is really talking about all these profit seeking perverts ,wherever they come from
Directed to the people in europe who expect to profit from the greek crisis,and those who cooperate with institutions like banks ,and big multinational companies who expect to take advantage of the problems in greek economy.and towards those greeks who govern,and who think they can earn from this.
The times call for people,who have a sense of justice in their soul.for people who want to offer to society without expecting return.and the rest must agree to follow the instructions of these who will lead.
so we need to have elections with clear agendas,every party has to present a real program a real plan for the country and the citizens are obliged to examine think and vote the one that will seem to them the best ,not for their own pocket but for the greek society in total.
we can afford any more playground tricks ,or goverments that work for the few rich ,local of foreign interests.
we need a goverement that wants to care for the greeks ,the poor,the working class ,the unemployed,the elderly.
real plans ,that can be applicable ,not just words.
of course every party will again say the same lies.
buty we now know,we dont have an excuse any more.
all greeks know that they cant trust the same old liers for governors.
so they will not vote for the 2 usual parties ,thats my guess.
and thats propably their guess and thats why they are trying to find ways to avoid elections at all costs.
So i m not confident that there will ever be elections in greece in the future.
it seems to me they are trying to create a scene where the politicians that are already in power ,will maintain this power until some extra event like a junta take them down ,or someone kills them,.
otherwise they seem to want to keep the power as long as they can ,not because they see the need to save greece but because they are executing orders,in exchange of course for profit.

so what are we thew citizens to do?we cant do much ,but wait.
or maybe we can get out on the streets ,silent and strike for ever ,until they abandon power and then reorganising the state ,with a temporary goverment of university teachers,and maybe some judges,prepare new social organisations ,(parties is not the description i d give them as we dont want to do the same like the old politicians did ).

so these organisations would have as purpose the drawing of ideas that would be put in practise ,with schedule,with all details prepared.there should not be a ideological basis on these organisations.
it should be on the basis of what is good for the people,for most people at least.and it should include minimum living standards,taxation plans,health organisation ,education etc.

there should not be reference to old time theories (left right,communists ,fascists ,) as they are not relevant any more.
we should have clear positions on racial issues,on freedom of expression ,on social responsibilities .
There should be also solutions for international relations ,and proposals that represent the greek people not the interests of foreign powers and their plans in the new world order.
Also there should be clear positions on what they want to do with banks,how they plan to redistribute the wealth ,how they will enforce the laws and how they will defend the people from violence or abuse .
ther should be clear proposals about the health system,which should be free for everyone,education which also should be accesible to all,but with order with a plan.and as for the real issue ,the context of education they should also make clear statements .

not how many schools they want to open but more importantly what exactly they will teach in these schools.
because this is the important issue if we want to have a society in a few years ,not a chaos ,with violence and uneducated people who look for the next shot of their drug ,or for the next football match to go and fight .

the violent face of peace

it d be lovely if all problems could be solved with reason and dialogue.
but there are so many perverts in this world,so many assholes who want to gain from the suffering of the people,or the animals,those who want to exercise power in order to feel good for themselves,those who like violence,etc etc etc.
so what do we do?
carry on living in this society that is a breeding ground for these bastards?
or do we burn down everything and start clean,without any of these perverts in our society.
they can go away from our earth.
if they try to get organised to strike back ,we will eliminate them instantly ,no matter what the cost will be in life or polution.
we will destroy them ,we will try to eliminate their genes from eartgh.
we will kill their kids ,their wives ,everyone who is a friend to the,anfd tyhe friends of friends.
sounds drastic?
nazi like?
oh well i dont care.
i want revenge for all those who died in the name of profit for the big multinationals.
if you want to buy ,we must kill you too.
anyone who develops a mentallity like the capitalist pigs ,and tries to profit from other peoples suffering ,will be killed.
by who?
i dont know.
but i m sure we will find a way to rid our planet of these nonhuman species .
we must if we want to carry on living on a planet as we know it.
otherwise we are doomed.
all except the rich who plan to abandon ship and take to the stars f they have to.
so i say send them now.
let them have the stars they so want now.
put tham in a rocket and send them away.
for good.
bye bye.
and if they try to come back,nuke them.
finish.bye now.

Προπαγανδα?μπα....δεν μπορει ,κατι αλλο θα ειναι

Θελουν να κρυφτουν οι πουτανες αλλα η χαρα δεν τις αφηνει.

Α ρε παρουσιαστρια του σκαι μεσημερι,τι σου δινουν για να κανεις τοση προπαγανδα?
ποσα ?
γιατι μονο μια πουλημενη θα ελεγε αυτα που λες,και θα εκανε τοσο κοπο να παραμορφωσει την πραγματικοτητα για το νομοσχεδιο για την παιδεια.

αλλα ,μαλλον η ζηλεια των ημιμαθων που δεν μπηκαν ποτε σε αληθινο πανεπιστημιο τους κανει τωρα να βγαζχουν το αχτι τους...κατι σαν την διαμαντοπουλου που εγινε υπουργος με απολυτηριο απο δηθεν αει,ΟΠΩς ΚΑΙ Ο γαπ>Ας ειναι καλα τα αφεντικα (ξερουν αυτοι ,κατι απο τραπεζα,κατι απο μουντις,στανταρντ εντ πουρσ κλπ.).
Τους πηραν απο μικρα,τους ετοιμασαν για εξουσια (υπο την κηδεμονια βεβαια των πλουσιων).και τωρα ,δεν μπορουν ουτε την συνειδηση τους να βρουν.
ΚΑτασκευασμενα ανδρεικελα ,(παπανδρεου,και λοιποι),που στοχο εχουν την εξυπηρετηση συμφεροντων που ερχονται σε πληρη συγκρουση με τα συμφεροντα του λαου.
Καθηκον καθε τιμιου ελληνα ειναι να αντισταθει και να πολεμησει με καθε μεσο αυτην την κλικα που στοχο εχει την απωλεια της ελλαδος και την εκποιηση της σε τιμη ευκαιριας,στο διεθνεσ κεφαλαιο.
σου λεει μετα την κανουμε και παμε διακοπες μακρυα.αλλα θα σας βρει ο λαος ,σιγουρα.
δεν θα ξεχασει ποτε κανεις αυτα που γινονται τα τελευταια χρονια.ειδικα τα 2 χρονια του πασοκ.
ξεπουλημα ,με ψεματα και τρομοκρατια.
μονη απαντηση του λαου ,η σιωπη μεχρι τωρα.
Αλλα η τρομοκρατηση δεν θα κρατησει μολις η πεινα μπει στα σπιτια των π[ολλων.
θα σας φανε ζωντανους .
ειμαι σιγουρος.
αλλοιως ,αξιζει η ελλαδα οτι λαβει...για να σας δω.
τι θα κανετε ολοι?
θα αφησετε παλι το φιδι να το βγαλει αλλος απο την τρυπα και μετα θα κανετε τους αντιστασιακους ,οπως τα πασοκια και οι νεοδημοκρατες για την χουντα...
Μαλλον ναι ,αν κρινω απο το ποσο μπλεγμενοι ειναι οι πιο πολλοι ελληνες με καποιο τροπο στην διαφθορα,την κλεψια απο το κρατος,την παρανομια σε καποιο επιπεδο....
Αλλα αυτο που δεν εχετε υπολογισει ειναι το τι θα συμβει αν κανεις δεν μιλησει κανεις δεν αντιδρασει.αν κανεις δεν προσπαθησει να πιασει το φιδι ,τι θα συμβει?το φιδι θα αρχισει να δαγκωνει αδιακριτως,οποιον βρει μπροστα του.και θα εχει και το πλεονεκτημα της εκπληξης.για σκεφτειτε...

Football,? ban it!

Football ,in greece and elsewhere in europe is not different.
In every society it is used to maintain the social anger under controlled release,and to hypnotise citizens.
in every country it is used for different purposes but at the heart of all is one thing:manipulation of the people.

Yes i remember from school all the boys where sooo interested in football,they knew names,ages,scores by heart (even though the same students couldnt remember anything relevant to lessons).But as we grew up i discovered that those who had this interest where boys with problems ,other than football.they where misogynists,out of anger since the girls usually at those times didnt care for guys whos interests where other boys...
i admit nowdays ,girls seem to have been sucked into this,my guess is if you cant win them join them ,this is what happened here.and the lack of any social movement (at my time it was rock music that brough an ideology with it that was fit for us ,as young awake people who wanted to change the world),is creating obstacles for every young person who wants to act differently from the mass.
It is also pequiliar for me to see young people to declare conservatives ,or join right,or racist ideas .
seems to me they need to go more on holidays to meet foreigners.
But back to football,of course i am not the one who discovered that football is the drug to keep people asleep .and that it is used by goverments all over the world.
what seems to me unbelievable is that this happens today in the 21st century ,not 50 years ago.
how stupid can we humans become?
are we getting more and more stupid by the year?
instead of denouncing football,and instead of criticising and trying to stop it from spreading more into our braisn,with the excuse of profits ,they advertise and promote it every way possible.
yes the interests of the media companies yes the advertisers that have people employed ,but you know what?
stop!idont care if there will be some advertiser without job.
he should try to find a real job.
the same for the football people ,outside the field.the administrations.
all of the rich bastards who try to buy social acceptance ,or even blackmail goverments and authorities.
i call for the total ban of football in greece.we dont need this kind of athletics to go on,they destroy what s left in greece from athletic spirit.
and it promotes the thieves,the violence.
we should ban it now.
as for the media and the advert companies as well as the bet companies,they can go and die .i dont care if there will be some bookie unemployed.he should find a way to make an honest living.as for the false hopes they give to people ,we should direct all these funds towards the needs of society ,so we dont need teams to maintain the peace or keep people asleep.we must give the money to the pepople who need it not to some idiotic football player ,no matter how good he is with the ball.it is not a job man this is a circus and these guys are the clowns.well paid ones .so is this what you consider as entertainment for the people?expensive one i should add.there is nothing offered to the people from football,on any level.it creates compressed violence that errupts at other places outside the field.it makes people who watch it to believe they belong to a team of people thus having the illusin of power.and then they go home ,forgetting all about the rest of the real [problems.now the only care is the team...
fuck that.wake up.stop football,stop teams from provoking common sense by spending millions on hot air,stop assisting the black money to be laundried through football.stop legalising the outlaws and their gains from crime ,with the fanatisism of football teams and fans.
as for the security and violence issue there is another aspect.this small armies will be used soon against other people for purposes outside football.remember this ,wthey are dangerous to have someone like marinakis with somne few thousands fans ready to spill blood in his name and the name of a team.just because he had money to buy the team and buy the support of thousands.maybe he asks to run the country soon.i say ban it ban it now.not out of fear ,but out of respect to the greek people out of respect to society.and out of thought for the future generations that have the opportunity to grow up in a society less idiotic,with interests that are actually helping the earth,the humans ,everyone.There might be a chance for a generation that will grow up to be less violent ,as it would have less exposure to violence as it does now every wekk ,not to say every day .
Ban the fucken football.(the professional one )not one cent for football.and those who want to spend it there ,maybe the state should be examining their income and where the money comes from.maybe they d do that if they were not taking also part ,and getting paid for their services.Involvment of politicians is clear.because you see they also grew up with it,they are trained to do so.and thats why i believe football is dangerous.i ve believed that since i was 16.never liked it ,never understood the mass psychology of a stadium and how you can allow yourself to be drawn in such a madness?back then i had the explanation that we are still evolving as society ,we are a bit backward in greece so maybe its remnants of the father mentallity ..but it never explained the fact that as we grew older more guys were getting into this.ok i also sit and watch a big game like barcelona real madrit ,but these are a different story .and they are professional teams ,for real.not shops of capitalists who try to laundry money and consiouness.
and anyway ,one game ,with 2 teams ,well paid and big corporations is the same i agree.but at least they do not kill each other ,there s no violence ,because the society is more tranquill.in spain it is hard to get a fight on the street ,it s a very safe place in this way.in greece you can get into a fight for no reason on the streeet.everyone thinks they own the place and do not show any respect towards anyone.more so to themselves.

Death in fear ,or what?

Libya ,another example of our future.
Coalition of interests ,those who are after oil and gas .
big companies that want to make profits,by satistying the needs of the power hungry european countries.
And that means that we are all responsible.
we are all to blame for the dead on libya.
we are to blame for the destruction on a pretext of humanitarian assistance.
if we cared we d knew that this is going to happen .
and we knew all along.
all the europeans knew what it meant the invasion in libya ,to assist the liberation forces.
the forces that will bring democracy .
what democracy ?we are losing it in europe ,there is not enough democracy to export.
but we are all pretending we dont know.
but what we should be thinking is that all this is going to come our way.
soon the rich will want new ways to make profis.
they will want cheaper workforce,no taxes( which of course means no public services ,or social services).
and slowly ,we are participating with the hope that we will not be affected ,that our part of society will carry on as usual.
no idea about food sortages,about death and violence ,about opression.
We must look at the facts and think.
what when europe needs more oil for the big industries that make things to be sold to the world?
how can a small place in earth satisfy the needs of billions?
it cant.
but we will continue to believe we can manage.
we will carry on doing our thing,playing gods.
we will carry on working in offices in cities that destroy life in every level.
we will carry on working in useless jobs,selling things to each other ,trying to make profit .
we will not understand that we need to change our society model,try to cultivate food and not expect the system to provide for us and our neighbours.

we need to take in our hands our life.
we need to stop consuming what they throw on us.
we need to stop be tempted by the useless lifestyle they promote and impose on us .
we need to stop wasting resources ,we need to save water ,and stop destroying the earth.
we dont need to learn more about the stars we need to learn how to live on earth.
we dont need medicines,we need to stop producing viruses and weapons of mass destruction,we need to stop the big med industries from doing any more harm,we need to stop them from existing.
we dont need mediciones we need common sense.
we dont need big multinational companies to do research on how to make us sick and then back healthy again.
we need to destroy all the ways we ve been using so far to impose ,opress,govern.
we need freedom in a new way .
we need to talk to each other ,to make simple rules and abide by them.no need for complex legal systems.truth is easy to find and simple.honesty is easy to see and to follow.as for those few who would want to take advantage of the relaxed life ,in an abusing way ,those who want to differ by stealing murdering ,opressing,they will have simple and fast way to die.if society stands up to them ,society will win.but we need to stand up.
So back to libya,dead people,foreign warriors (mercenaries) who defend democracy in the name of the dollar.
soon in greece we will have this kind of police .
and it will be used against the people ,when poverty reaches deeper in society,and when the provisions of most greeks run out.
So far ,we are mostly living on what we managed to gather .
no matter how poor por rich we are all living on savings.
so as soon as they run out ,problems will surface.
first peacefully dying people in the streets ,then stealing and robbing ,then on the civil violence ,civil war.
and the police ,will try to protect the rich of course.
with the promise for a share to the resources.
and unfortunatelly ,there are still stupid people around who believe that.
who accept to sell their services to the rich against their own class.
as if the rich will look after them.
they will use them and then they will become the enemy.
and for them it will be worst ,since history shows that noone likes a traitor.
they will have a violent end i predict.
or they will wake up and side with the people ,and win this for everyone.
ah the power!!!!what a drug must be for those junkies of power.
for me ,if we want a future ,we must now stop all activity of violence in the world.
we must create a united nations ,that follows the original chapter,and defends peace.
we must stop the rich from any more looting and killing the poor.we must claim back what belings to humanity .
we must share everything on the planet equally with all others.we must somehow find a way to glabally agree that we need a new model ,a new society that will be better for all.
noone will lose from this kind of change ,except the few rich bastards who try to make profit on the backs of all of us.
only some assholes like them will not be happy.
we must start educating people ,we must make primary target in life for humans education and peace.
kill the scapitalistic model,together with all the rest of the ideologies.
we need a new way of thining,simple and honest.
we must educate humans to enjoy life,simplicity ,and share.
no more training for our kids on how they will become better than anyone else ,how they will earn more than anyone else.
if we dont teach them otherwise ,we all die soon.
very soon.
and those who will survive ,they will live in a horrible world of violence and fear.
and that not nice life by any standard
So drop the fucken agenda,stop the money wars stop believing you can ascape fate ,that you might livew without problems.if there are problems in the world ,they will find you eventually ,no matter where you hide.
Stop weapons factories,stop armies ,stop wars,stop wanting to gain from the loss of the next human .
stop wanting more and more.you will die anyway ,so why not die happy and without worries and fear?
better to travel around sharing your knowledge and collecting experiences and ideas from others.
better try to set up a school some place,or a cultivation of food stuff.
open a well or built a boat to go fishing.
but on a humnan scale.
forget the more and more for profit.
take what you need only.
leave alone the idea of getting richer ,even if you get the money ,you will not have any place to spend them soon.
the planet will be dead.
Small scale stuff ?ok,try talking to your next door neighbour,try not stealing a place in a line ,try tnot to sell with excess profit ,try not to trick your fellow human try not to be violent,or not to abuse anyone.
try not to be so mindless and go work for big multinational companies that destroy countries and kill people,try not to accept to sell your soul to these bastards.or otherwise you are one of them and your fate is going to be like theirs.
death in fear.

Cooperation with the status quo?well ,you need to pay

The greeks who are supporting the traitors who sell our country to the capitalists and the internmational cleptocrats-bankers,will have to be punished .

we cant afford to ignore what they ve been doing all these years helping the rich get richer in exchange for few breadcrumbs of the dinner table of the rich.

they are traitors ,who for peanuts decided to sell their souls.

so we have every right to do whatever we think to defend ourselves against the corporate perverts and their lackies.

we need to examplify these bastards ,so that no human ever dares to do similar actions.
no rich person can stay untouched .

we will claim back everything they have stolen from the many.
we will take revenge for all those dead who were killed by the profit hungry perverts.
we will claim back every penny ,every resource,that has to go back to the people who owned it in the first place.
we will eliminate all who cooperated with the enemy,all those bastards who execute the orders of the rich.
we will destroy every person who becomes an obstaclle to the common good.
we will share everything in the world equally with all humans,with respect to the nature and with planning for the future.
and yes we will kill many.many more than you think.all the colaborators of the system will have to go or die.either you jump on a spaceship and try to find a new planet to destroy with your kind ,or you stay here and become fertilizer for our plants.

this is not a threat is just the facts .
i see the future and i am tryint to describe to you what i see.
so get prepared /.

and for those who think how can we kill anyone ,we do not want to become the same like the violent bastards ,i say that i agree,i am totally against any form of violence.
we will not have to kill anyone.
they will be given the choice to kill themselves or each other.
dont forget these people are ready to sell their mother for profit ,not to mention what they d do for saving their own life...they are so chickenshit when they are not protected by thousands of police and private army.
when they are out in the open.
they are scared ,and dangerous.
because they d never learn.
they d never accept their mistakes ,so they will never want to put them right.
thats why we need to provide them with a way to rid us from their miserable pathetic existence.
and whoever plans to be like this in the future ,note this warning: you will not get the same choices.

PS:Any similarity with real persons or situations is coindidental.the above is totally fictional,and the proposals totally imaginary.It is not promoting or suggesting any solutions for any real problems.The use of the word kill is not referring to actual physical action,it is only used as a tool of speech,as a way of expressing deeper nonexpressable feelings,or thoughts.Do not try this at home.The writter is against violence in every form.death is mentioned here as a way to describe the dead-end situations that humanity will soon face .it is not a threat towards anyone,explicit or implicit.it is just a piece of literature ,an expression of ideas,not to be taken literally.i hope this is clear to all readers.i do not advocate violence in any form.not even for self defence.ok?