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on Aristotle and Capitalist manifesto -initial thoughts

Aristotle describes the occupation of virtuous men of property in the following manner: “Those who are in a position which places them above toil have stewards who attend to their households while they occupy themselves with philosophy and politics” (Politics, Book 1, Ch. 7, 1225b35-38). In this passage, the words “philosophy” and “politics” are shorthand for all the activities of leisure– engagement in the liberal arts and sciences and occupation with the institutions and processes of society. 
(from "The Capitalist Manifesto by Louis O. Kelso and Mortimer J. Adler 1958,p 27)

Aristotle was in this way bestowing the obligation of political and philosophical thought on those who had the means to spare time to do it.It is as if saying that the breeder has to feed his animals..:)
Seriously though,it is easy to misinterpret these words into pro-political families politics and try to explain today's situation.Which would be totally wrong.
He spoke about the responsibilities of person,about every one doing what he can do.Think instead those wealthy ,not to occupy themselves with anything else but material consumption and...oh wait,think of today's rich....(most of them )
This as a short note about ...well aristotle.(not my cousin,the other the ancient one)

Distinguishing between two kinds of wealth getting, Aristotle says that “accumulation is the end in the one case, but there is a further end in the other. Hence some persons are led to believe that getting wealth is the object of household management, and the whole idea of their lives is that they ought either to increase their money, or at any rate not to lose it. The origin of this disposition in men,” he declares, “is that they are intent upon living only, and not upon living well” (Politics, Book 1, Ch. 9, 1257b35-1258a2)
(from "The Capitalist Manifesto by Louis O. Kelso and Mortimer J. Adler 1958,p 27)

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An Alien: Greece the warnings were there!

“After entry into the euro area, the Bank of Greece will be implementing the single monetary policy decided by the Governing Council of the European Central Bank and it will certainly be impossible to improve the economy’s international competitiveness by changing the exchange rate of our new currency, the euro. The objectives of higher employment and output growth will therefore have to be pursued through structural reforms and fiscal measures aimed at enhancing international competitiveness by increasing productivity, improving the quality of Greek goods and services and securing price stability.” (Lucas Papademos, Greece Central Bank Governor, at a conference to mark Greece’s entry to the Euro, 2001)

From Political Credit Cycles: The Case of the Euro Zone, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde Luis Garicano Tano Santos,2013

Although there are alternative explanations for the Euro crisis, the view that the credit bubble itself is the source of the disturbance is hard to counter. As shown by Forbes and Warnock (2012), there is a clear global factor, linked to financial volatility, in gross capital flow patterns. Lane and McQuade (2012) report a strong correlation between net debt flows and domestic credit: the ability of banks to raise external finance was crucial in allowing lending to increase faster than deposits, helping to finance construction booms and public debt. Finally, Lane (2012) documents how the nontraded sector expanded in the deficit countries, such as Greece, Spain, and Ireland, while it contracted in surplus countries, such as Germany. Our reading of the evidence is thus that the causality mainly runs from the credit bubble to the real changes and not in the opposite direction.

The so called boom of the pre crisis era,in Europe,attributed to some great consumption of exports that was taking place in some distant land(as if it wasn t domestic consumption that did the trick).

Here they argue that the crisis was mainly due to the inefficient Greece and Spain in implementing reforms ,and their dependence on a model of growth that lead to the bursting of the property bubble..

And in a funny way they blame the consumers for the crisis,which they attribute to the domestic debt.

Furthermore this philosophy hides in it the idea that banks are not to blame for the crisis.
They are not the ones who funded the bubble for their own interests.It was the banks who mainly suported this trend of investing in property,especially in spain and greece.In spain ,banks depended their survival on setting up building associations.And they presented themselves as healthy ,where in reality they were the ones leading the way to catastrophe.
At the same time,the cycle of the rich as i like to call the greedy people who have more than enough but want more all the time,they were pushing governments like the Greek ,to set up contracts with semi-private German weapons producers ,boosting their profits and at the same time the exports of a Germany that pretends now to be the guardian of legality and justice.
It was Siemens with the assistance of the official german state that created big part of the Greek debt.

Behind every scam and every weapons deal that had black money included in the bill ,there are German and other interests.
The same ones that reacted with strangulation of the Greek economy when the citizens decided they had enough of the lies and the stealing of the representatives of the rich and voted for a left government that promised them changes(so far not delivered,but anyway..).

Entering Eurozone was not a result of the good heart of Europeans ,or the charity of the rich.

It was a result of careful planning of a globalised capitalist system and it's representatives in our society.

It was not to better the lives of Greeks that Greece was "allowed" to enter.It was not as if the accountants of the time were so helpless in adding up numbers.not more so than the IMF employees today who mixed up the multiplier on the spreadsheet...

The global capitalism has taken us for a ride.

They ve created schools of thought by funding universities to create "scientists" promoting the ideas that suits the interests of the few.

I dont know who they are,it is not as if i can name names.(I havent looked into it to be totally honest ,but i bet they are hiding under tons of paper and laws they made themselves through the politicians they funded and used as weapon in this war against the masses.)

And all in order to maintain a wealth that is not needed,not used,not enjoyed by the owners.
If only they could see what a great world we d all believing in if they stop this greedy madness.
If they use their wealth to promote equality,justice,and maybe,maybe after many many years ,the young will be growing up having as life target not the accumulation of wealth and search for happiness through materialism but rather through sharing and connecting with all other humans.maybe then we ll see the end of war,religions,lies and violence and maybe we can live as one.

maybe...it sounds like science fiction doesnt it?

shitty thing is that it is not..
it could be done.today.now.but we choose not to.
So fuck us.
we do not deserve the planet,the universe or whatever (if) there is beyond .
Surely ,we could make a better world.
We all know we can.
Most choose to use the present to hide behind it their own shortcomings on this matter.
Their own greed.or their dreaming of becoming one of the few...chosen ones.
Reality check might help in this case......

Back to the subject of Greece and debt.So there was this investigating parliamentary comittee ,that was looking into the reasons we ended up with this mad debt...And what happened?After 6 months and a new election that lead the left side of the government out of parliament,this comittee was closed down.As if the greek state doesnt care to find out the truth about it.
There must be a lot of money that goes around desks of all kinds of people .
my guess is we ll never find out the truth about who are those who are today more wealthy ,and their profits are made from our wealth that was stolen/extorted.
We will never know who or why.It is inexplicable that one human can have all he/she wants (food,shelters,luxury in all aspects of life) and still wants more...It s one side of humanity i will never probably understand.maybe i am not human after all.....mom,what planet did you bring me from??:):)
Can ET go home now?...i ve seen enough!!:):)

PS:Worst than any past are the predictions about growth that the self blinded economists still talk about...in every aspect.The rich ,in the last few years have one obvious target.To accumulate as much and secure whatever wealth they can from any threat,before the world goes under.I am sure ,that what i can see from my small window ,they can clearly view from their swimming pool roof garden terraces...
And if i was them,this is what i d do...exactly what they are doing...Putting the people to fight each other ,while i empty the safe...and after that have ready my tropical island ,guarded by paid mercenaries(call me army if you want to sound official).....And charity of course,they do charity.....every human needs to feel accepted,belonging,that someone likes them...even if it is been bought to do so...
Oh man ,the soul of humans.....
what a dark ,and a full of light place it can be in a split second...

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neoliberalism ???

The moment i realised that to communicate an idea ,140 characters are not always enough...
Calling for axiocracy (employing public servants according to their merit,and based on evaluation on a plain field),is not neoliberalism.
It doesn't mean that citizens will be left out if they can not become public servants.It means that those we are paying for,have to be able to offer what we need as a society.
For me it was clear that this is what i m talking about when i call for evaluation and dismissal of those who do not posses the qualities needed for  specific job.
That is not to say that all citizens do not deserve to have a minimum standard of living and if they can not achieve that by means of employment,the state should look after them by means of unemployment benefits and other social assistance measures.
So ,enough with this naming everyone who demands a fair society neoliberal.
We have to stop hiding our shortcomings behind such theories of social justice .
This is actually injustice.For all those who pay taxes expecting to receive in return a decent level of service from the state when they need it.(schools,hospitals,etc.Plus,a minimum income for all,means tested of course)
This would be my idea of a just society.Andf then you can have it as free markety as you want.Secure first the rights of everyone to exist.Then exploiut those who you would be able to,without touching these fundamendal right.
Is it too much to ask from the rich of this world?
They own enough wealth to go around the world a few hundred times.....so better start sharing.

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Heritability and IQ

Heritability,the word that causes all kinds of theories to exist and all kinds of scientists (??) to argue about IQ and heritability.
As if they can control for history and can prove what would have happened if the conditions were different for the specific person.As if they can go back and recreate his/her life and examine what would happen if they change a parameter in the "environment".
I apologise but i call this kind of science shit science.
It' s only purpose is to finance some worthless types who differently would have to actually work ,but instead they pretend to be researchers and get funded for doing this kind of silly experiments/observations.
Instead of trying to find answers we already know and even the most illiterate can understand(like the fact that the social environment you grow up in,affects you!!(oh my!!!seriously?i ' d never would have thought that is the case!!),we can use the resources spent on these sciences to actually create something that would really better life of humans on this planet/.
Back to heritability ,and the idiotic idea that if your parents were stupid ,you will too be stupid.And yes you can maybe change your IQ grading,but you will never achieve anything like those who come from parents that were smart!!...And they proved this how i ask?How did they control for all the other factors that play in?How can you say whether someone would have been better if he d grown up in a different environment,no matter who his/her parents were.
Since we can not really control for such a thing,even if it was ethical etc,we d still wouldnt be able to go back in time and see a different version of history.So enough already with the resources spent on these idiotic ideas.No you can not find out if yo dont already know what affects us and our IQ.No matter how many experiments you conduct,you lack the essential for discovery.Brains...except if your parents were Marie Kouri and A. Einstein....If not you are too stupid to prove anything really....hereditary theory says so...no matter how much you tried ,you are still as stupid as your parents...fucker.

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The 2 Choices

Like most aspects of our "organised" society (yes i am thinking banks to start with...:):))we too as members need to change

We must stop spending resources just because it suits the purposes of some greedy subhuman.

We have to create a global defence network*well it s not the best word but i couldn't think of another way to describe it,a network that will connect law enforcement (a neutral police body that will be funded publicly,and not accept any private donations,a police closed to all temptations that the greedy would put in front of the enforcers), with activists and publicly run observatories and labs,that  will monitor all activity on a global scale,connect the dots and stop in its birth any attempt for exploitation or other attempt against the core principles of our society ,peace,equality,justice and fairness for all.

We have to start developing defences against the propagation of advertising tricks and propaganda strategies that the few employ against the people.

We need incentives for the people(mostly the young) so they do not get attracted by dreams of social climb through stepping on dead fellow humans.
We need to educate not according to the needs of the global multinationals,but according to the above mentioned principles.
We can not expect short run returns from these actions.
We need to accept that we have today 2 and only 2 choices:

We either stop whatever we are doing and start creating the world we did not dare to dream of until today ,due to the preoccupation of society and the old ways.,or

continue as we are,without hope,towards a painful end of human society as we know it for 10.000 years (at least).

Or maybe i m just the village idiots with the stupid hat and the joint in his hand..
no rasta man !

Social sciences (the road to hell)

Social sciences and the lies about cognitive development

Short story version is that research is done on determining the effect of social environment on cognitive development...

My objection:Billions of euros and lots of brain power and resources spent on something i could answer just by observing my surrounding social environment.
So what drives this science?
The money that is offered for research from big multinationals in the hope that some "scientist" will find ways to sell more for more to less informed citizens.
Oh and another thing,how to manipulate masses of people and how to get them to treat you as an emperor when in fact all you are ,is a parasite that feeds his/her greed with other human lives.
So i suppose you can say i consider social scientists as fraudsters and mercenaries in the service of the few vultures of our species.This is not science.This is a gimmick.
And it is surprising how long it has taken for humans to start reacting to all these stupid "theories" and "hypotheses" put forward from people with ulterior motives
Science needs an overhaul.

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Science and humanity-Prophet-thesing your buy

Recognising customers and suggesting products..recommenders.
what s wrong with our world?
How come we spend so much time to create ways to suggest to people to consume more?
Instead of trying to create a self sufficient,humans,instead of teaching the young about balance and how to not repeat the mistakes of the last 20 years,we are teaching recommenders.
Research is one thing,but this has turned onto a production line of machine learners who will create the future hell for humans (themselves included).
Machine learning has potential to assist in lots of situations,provided humans are prepared to sacrifice even more in exchange for some more consumption,in order to buy some more useless stuff.
It is one things to advertise and another to believe that advertisement is the only future for humans.And this is the world the machine learners grow up into.Believing the world needs to find more ways to promote consumption.....
really,my hope is that all these smart guys who learn now ML,will eventually wake up and use it against those who train us as slaves for their big corporate advertising departments.The young MLearners should really get a chance to look in their souls and we have to make sure that they do not forget themselves in the labs,creating a future hell for all.
Scene needs a re-assessment of ethics,and ideals.We need to talk and decide with all that we know so far from our own history ,what our future will be like.
we need to take back the power of decisions from the corporate hands,we need to stop this oligopolistic dictatorship that the few wish to have.
We need to redefine what justice means,what equality is,what human rights are.And we need to find ways to implement these principles and ideas all over the world.This was the dream of the men and women who created UN.Today UN has been poccupied by the same corporate mentality.As all governments all around the world.
There has to be soon a time for a revolt,an overthrow of this kind of governance.We can not allow the rich to grab all they can ,in view of the end of growth.because the plan is that they will accumulate as much as possible from the world wealth in their hands,before 2050 that all predictions show the end of growth in our world.
They are preparing their last defences,their castles,.where they will hide ,in order to enjoy their profits,amongst like-minded people .Gated in their hapy communities,guarded by mercenaries who will be getting few left overs,they are creating for themselves projected images ,as saviours,as people who want to help,who want to share(as long as it is not their own wealth that gets shared)..
We need to stop this circle of pseudoscientists,and thinkers who have as sole purpose the justification of the crimes of the few against humanity.
We need to find ways to get back to the public ownership all assets the few have been stealing ,and we have to redesign education systems around the world,to create humans wh would have open minds and who would realise that consumerism is not what life is all about.
Rather happiness is what we should be striving for.And happiness can be achieved with simple means.We dont need to grow for ever in order to be happy.we dont need to consume more every day .this ,even classical economists accept(diminishing returns they call it)
We have to create a new framework for the human society.Not in a dictatorships way,i am not calling for opression or implementation with force of anything.But we need to find (as scientists) ways to use whatever is available to us ,not for the benefit of the few,but we must worry about the effects to the many all the time.Long are gone the times of ignorance and excuses.
noone can claim today that they didnt know.Information is out there.reachable to many.It is our obligation to spread the good info,and stop the spread of the lies,or the semi truths.And i m not only talking politics here.
Science has become a tool for the few,and a weapon against the many,against the good of humanity.
Scientists must start looking further than just their own small worlds.their labs and their libraries.They need to look up and see the results of their researches,the results of the ideas they support.And they need to reevaluate their beliefs in the light of reality,or real world effects and causes.They must see where the funding fom their research comes from and why.they must ask more questions .and they must stop replicating things they have not proved themselves to be true.
This constant replication of older theories ,that have sometimes not been stripped down and examined in scientific ways but rather have c=become truths through brain washing and dissemination of lies,this is one oof the major challenges for scientists of today.(and tomorrow)

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The New Old Economic theories-Is there logic in trying to fix a broken system with broken spare parts/broken instructions/broken tools?

Is there logic in trying to fix a broken system with broken spare parts/broken instructions/broken tools?

An Introduction

Gone are the days that the argument "it is the best we have" (system) can satisfy,even the most ignorant of us humans.
All people,at every corner of the planet know now what it means to live in a society that has as sole defence for humanism ,the freedom of the rich.their freedom to define who deserves to be saved from poverty(the one those same saviours are responsible for creating)..
But to confront these "systemic"9by now) "scientists" and the theory of economic growth and happiness ,one needs to fight with the same weapons they use.We need to get together teams of real scientists,people with no ideological or other preoccupations,who d examine the data,and provide the real resume .the true results and the true potentials.
We can not plan the future on the basis of unlimited resources.we can not justify inequality ,by the self indulging"humans are greedy by nature" arguments.
We need to confront the past with the new realities.
We need to stop searching for solutions between the ruins of past times.
We need to start looking at the problems from a different angle.
And it is not just wishful thinking.
We will have to do exactly that,only if we dont plan ,we will have to do it in a rushed fashion,something like refugees who flee war zones.
They wait till the last minute,hoping the war will stop before it reaches their neighbourhood....but this rarely happens (if at all).

So instead of allowing space for the continuation of these pseudo scientific analyses and theoretical orientations,we can actually start talking about how we can restore justice in our world,how we can regain control of public assets and redistribute them equally for all,how we will defend our plans from the old-well established and with plenty of "weaponry" in their hands,all those with vested interests who will want to block any radical change,any attempt to equalise this world.

Of course they would do that,it is them who have stolen ,and treated unjustly the rest of humanity.
Colonialism continues under the cover of open markets.

Yes there is a better way.
We just have to stop the brain washing from the globalisation advocates,the brain washing that takes place on every level ,even subliminally,through every day life and through pushing as normality the abnormal.

It is not normal to watch other humans suffer and remain calm,cool,looking after your own busines without wondering what you as a person can do ,what as a person can offer ,to assist elimination of such suffering.

It is not enough to get together and talk...
Words do not feed hungry people,and dont save lives from bullets and bombs.
we need to become radical ,and we need to act as such too..

More on a later day.
Think ,think man..(and woman)...
Maybe we all have something good to contribute,if we only believe for one moment that in fact it is possible to have a different world.
See you all!

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Scarcity,the other name for greed

Scarcity in the view of the economists is explaining the inequalities of our world.They try to present poverty as a result of the "unlimited needs" of the humans.But is this true?Is it not an attempt to put the blame of all the problems of the market economy on  those who in reality have nothing to do with the results they themselves suffer?
Here is a paragraph from the   Principles of
Macroeconomics. OpenStax College. 19 March 2014. <http://cnx.org/content/col11626/latest>
"Scarcity means that human wants for goods, services and resources exceed what is available. Resources, such as labor,
tools, land, and raw materials are necessary to produce the goods and services we want but they exist in limited supply. Of
course, the ultimate scarce resource is time- everyone, rich or poor, has just 24 hours in the day to try to acquire the goods
they want. At any point in time, there is only a finite amount of resources available.

The Problem of Scarcity
Think about all the things you consume: food, shelter, clothing, transportation, healthcare, and entertainment. How do you
acquire those items? You do not produce them yourself. You buy them. How do you afford the things you buy? You work
for pay. Or if you do not, someone else does on your behalf. Yet most of us never have enough to buy all the things we want.
This is because of scarcity.
and it goes on to say :

If you still do not believe that scarcity is a problem, consider the following: Does everyone need food to eat? Does everyone
need a decent place to live? Does everyone have access to healthcare? In every country in the world, there are people
who are hungry, homeless (for example, those who call park benches their beds, as shown in Figure 1.2), and in need of
healthcare, just to focus on a few critical goods and services. Why is this the case? It is because of scarcity. Let’s delve into
the concept of scarcity a little deeper, because it is crucial to understanding economics."

What is presented as choice is in reality the bounds the few who control wealth set up,in order to justify their actions .
No human should have to make a choice whether they d have a health system or an education system.
If we were to actually measure the available wealth that could be used for these needs,we d find there are a lot more than needed by the humans on this planet.
We only have to redistribute wealth in a totally different manner,on a different basis than what has been the "choice" so far.(not really a choice,as it was inflicted upon society by few greedy people who in their effort to fulfill their perverted needs,bought consciousnesses ,and created generations of mercenaries .
When you start educating economists with a false premise,then you can arrive at any conclusion suits your needs.

Keeping people uneducated (as much as possible-only on a need to know basis-on their need for slaves basis )and promoting,financing,arming, helping in every possible way religions,and "movements"(see arab spring for an example),giving the false sense to people they are in control of their own lives.In reality ,they ve managed to create 2 worlds.

The one ,the world of those "willing",who try to survive and float on top by following the advice and instructions of the few(half of us dream of a job as managers of some company ,going to the office 9 to 5 and not giving a second thought about what the results of our "work" are.
Those who d think they protect and help others ,through institutions made up exactly for the reason to take the guilt out of the equation.(I am charitable person,therfore i do what i have to towards society as a human)...yea right...we all know what this help is and where it goes.How much of it is tax deductuable and how much returns as profits to the charitable people.Or they plainly pass the responsibility to the masses,so that since lots of people gave to a cause,it must be they feel responsible for it.And those who really are responsible hide in the many.

The other half is those who dont buy the myth of scarcity.
Those who believe they can have a fair world,a just and equal world,if only....if only they could educate,use the media,get in power and decision making positions and change the rules.The rules that were set up by those who could set them up,those with power.
Am i talking about communism?Of course not.
Not in the sense that today,there are no more ideologies as they used to.
Today ,the two conflicting sides of society are the rich and the poor.
There is no right or left.There is only humane and inhumane.
There is just or unjust.
And objectivity has got to be redefined.
We need to change radically the rules.
But in order to do that we need to first change our own personal rules.
How far are we prepared to go in order to survive?What is happiness and where do we seek to find it?Can we be happy and satisfied with mediocrity?
Doesnt evolution (if we are to take the naturalistic view) showing us the way?The big fish eats the smal fish etc...
Or are we to set the new rules as humans who understand what is good and what is bad,what s right and whats wrong.We are all born with an understanding of basics.
Kids can feel lies.
Everyone can feel when something they are doing is not right.

No matter how excited one is,there s always this moment of self check ,a moment we ,speaking to ourselves,admit reality as it is.And then ,try to hide it again and justify whatever it is we are doing wrong.(knowingly).

So there you have it,scarcity ,is nothing but a creation in order to justify greed.
If we understand that another human is dying from starvation ,we have a choice.,
Share our food,no matter how little it might be ,or not.
Yes we need to put the human back into society.
Because as it stands today (2015) society is everything but (human/humane.)

And for those who still believe Adam Smith s idea about division of labour and productivity is still something we should be considering,i only need you to fantasize you are in the shoes of a child, labouring in a sweat factory in SE Asia.Then we talk again.....

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ΗΠΑ,προσφυγια και πλουτος

Δεν ειναι οτι θελω να αναμασω τα παλια.
Αλλα ειναι αναποφευκτο το να αναφερθω στο αμερικανικο κεφαλαιο ,τους πολεμους που δημιοθργησε ανα τον κοσμο για να εχει το ιδιο κερδη.
Δεν μπορω να μην ριξω ευθυνη για οτι συμβαινει σημερα στην χωρα και στην λοιπη ανατολη στους αμερικανους πλουτοκρατες )τουλαχιστον ενα μεγαλο μερος τους,ειδικα αυτο που σε συνδυασμο με την ανοησια του Μπους εκανε εναν κοσμο ανω κατω.=
Αλλα βλεπετε εσεις κανεναν αμερικανο να λεει κατι για τους προσφυγες_Το εχουν ξεχασει ποιος τους δημοοιργησε.Με εντεχνο τροπο και αφου επι χρονια πατροναριζαν τους θρησκοληπτους και χρηματοδοτησαν τους ντοπιους παπαδες γιθα να κρατανε τον κοσμακη αμορφωτο και να μπορουν να τον κλεβουν ανενοχλητοι,τωρα ,εμεις λουζομαστε τις συνεπειες...
Μετα τον 2ο παγκοσμιο πολεμο ,το επαιξαν οι αμερικανοι βοηθοι της ευρωπης,για να αυξησουν τα κερδη τους.Σημερα σε μια ευρωπη που πεθαινει δεν τους ενδιαφερτει ,για αυτο δεν βλεπετε και σχεδια μαρσαλ να φτιαχνονται.
Εχουν ολα αφεθει στα χερια των ευρωπαιων,που κανουν τι___....αυτοκτονου ,χτυποντας ο ενας τον αλλο.

Αι σιχαματα ολοι ,σ αυτον τον πλανητη.
αι στο διαολο ολοι.