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An Alien: Greece the warnings were there!

“After entry into the euro area, the Bank of Greece will be implementing the single monetary policy decided by the Governing Council of the European Central Bank and it will certainly be impossible to improve the economy’s international competitiveness by changing the exchange rate of our new currency, the euro. The objectives of higher employment and output growth will therefore have to be pursued through structural reforms and fiscal measures aimed at enhancing international competitiveness by increasing productivity, improving the quality of Greek goods and services and securing price stability.” (Lucas Papademos, Greece Central Bank Governor, at a conference to mark Greece’s entry to the Euro, 2001)

From Political Credit Cycles: The Case of the Euro Zone, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde Luis Garicano Tano Santos,2013

Although there are alternative explanations for the Euro crisis, the view that the credit bubble itself is the source of the disturbance is hard to counter. As shown by Forbes and Warnock (2012), there is a clear global factor, linked to financial volatility, in gross capital flow patterns. Lane and McQuade (2012) report a strong correlation between net debt flows and domestic credit: the ability of banks to raise external finance was crucial in allowing lending to increase faster than deposits, helping to finance construction booms and public debt. Finally, Lane (2012) documents how the nontraded sector expanded in the deficit countries, such as Greece, Spain, and Ireland, while it contracted in surplus countries, such as Germany. Our reading of the evidence is thus that the causality mainly runs from the credit bubble to the real changes and not in the opposite direction.

The so called boom of the pre crisis era,in Europe,attributed to some great consumption of exports that was taking place in some distant land(as if it wasn t domestic consumption that did the trick).

Here they argue that the crisis was mainly due to the inefficient Greece and Spain in implementing reforms ,and their dependence on a model of growth that lead to the bursting of the property bubble..

And in a funny way they blame the consumers for the crisis,which they attribute to the domestic debt.

Furthermore this philosophy hides in it the idea that banks are not to blame for the crisis.
They are not the ones who funded the bubble for their own interests.It was the banks who mainly suported this trend of investing in property,especially in spain and greece.In spain ,banks depended their survival on setting up building associations.And they presented themselves as healthy ,where in reality they were the ones leading the way to catastrophe.
At the same time,the cycle of the rich as i like to call the greedy people who have more than enough but want more all the time,they were pushing governments like the Greek ,to set up contracts with semi-private German weapons producers ,boosting their profits and at the same time the exports of a Germany that pretends now to be the guardian of legality and justice.
It was Siemens with the assistance of the official german state that created big part of the Greek debt.

Behind every scam and every weapons deal that had black money included in the bill ,there are German and other interests.
The same ones that reacted with strangulation of the Greek economy when the citizens decided they had enough of the lies and the stealing of the representatives of the rich and voted for a left government that promised them changes(so far not delivered,but anyway..).

Entering Eurozone was not a result of the good heart of Europeans ,or the charity of the rich.

It was a result of careful planning of a globalised capitalist system and it's representatives in our society.

It was not to better the lives of Greeks that Greece was "allowed" to enter.It was not as if the accountants of the time were so helpless in adding up numbers.not more so than the IMF employees today who mixed up the multiplier on the spreadsheet...

The global capitalism has taken us for a ride.

They ve created schools of thought by funding universities to create "scientists" promoting the ideas that suits the interests of the few.

I dont know who they are,it is not as if i can name names.(I havent looked into it to be totally honest ,but i bet they are hiding under tons of paper and laws they made themselves through the politicians they funded and used as weapon in this war against the masses.)

And all in order to maintain a wealth that is not needed,not used,not enjoyed by the owners.
If only they could see what a great world we d all believing in if they stop this greedy madness.
If they use their wealth to promote equality,justice,and maybe,maybe after many many years ,the young will be growing up having as life target not the accumulation of wealth and search for happiness through materialism but rather through sharing and connecting with all other humans.maybe then we ll see the end of war,religions,lies and violence and maybe we can live as one.

maybe...it sounds like science fiction doesnt it?

shitty thing is that it is not..
it could be done.today.now.but we choose not to.
So fuck us.
we do not deserve the planet,the universe or whatever (if) there is beyond .
Surely ,we could make a better world.
We all know we can.
Most choose to use the present to hide behind it their own shortcomings on this matter.
Their own greed.or their dreaming of becoming one of the few...chosen ones.
Reality check might help in this case......

Back to the subject of Greece and debt.So there was this investigating parliamentary comittee ,that was looking into the reasons we ended up with this mad debt...And what happened?After 6 months and a new election that lead the left side of the government out of parliament,this comittee was closed down.As if the greek state doesnt care to find out the truth about it.
There must be a lot of money that goes around desks of all kinds of people .
my guess is we ll never find out the truth about who are those who are today more wealthy ,and their profits are made from our wealth that was stolen/extorted.
We will never know who or why.It is inexplicable that one human can have all he/she wants (food,shelters,luxury in all aspects of life) and still wants more...It s one side of humanity i will never probably understand.maybe i am not human after all.....mom,what planet did you bring me from??:):)
Can ET go home now?...i ve seen enough!!:):)

PS:Worst than any past are the predictions about growth that the self blinded economists still talk about...in every aspect.The rich ,in the last few years have one obvious target.To accumulate as much and secure whatever wealth they can from any threat,before the world goes under.I am sure ,that what i can see from my small window ,they can clearly view from their swimming pool roof garden terraces...
And if i was them,this is what i d do...exactly what they are doing...Putting the people to fight each other ,while i empty the safe...and after that have ready my tropical island ,guarded by paid mercenaries(call me army if you want to sound official).....And charity of course,they do charity.....every human needs to feel accepted,belonging,that someone likes them...even if it is been bought to do so...
Oh man ,the soul of humans.....
what a dark ,and a full of light place it can be in a split second...

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