Πέμπτη, 7 Ιουλίου 2016

money and death.thats the future

It seems stupid.It seemed we all knew and we d do everything in our power to not let it happen.But we all knew it will.
Markets have taken the power in their hands,and democracy is dead in practice.It is only on paper,a theory,something the few with their expensive lawyers can use to prove they care.(for their pocket).
We set up a society ,we organised it,we worked hard to create social justice ,but we failed.Greed has taken over ,and instead of evolving,we re going backwards,towards the era of the dark ages (in europe).Like back then ,the land owners had a right to decide for life and eath of their "workers"(slaves),today the big money and their representatives are doing the same thing.And this has been happening for many years at a rate that would eventually lead society to today's breakdown.
It is the end of society as we know it.
The new world order,the new society of the few,those who somehow manage to get in the rich man's place,those who dont care about ethical matters as long as they get a shitload of money every month.Those who "just do their job".making weapons,working for some defence company or some big multinational that has as sole interest the profit taking .
We became senseless,we allowed to the greedy to promote their sick ideals,to advertise their horrible achievements.We accepted that "maybe we need to have protection " from some kind of terrorism...the kind that the powers that be created in order to maintain control over terrotories and keep people opressed .
We used all excuses,but humans re not stupid.They can see reality,even if it takes them a long time.They arrive at the reality ,they make their conclussions and eventually they will seek to take back what is rightfully theirs.
Who inherited the planet to the googles,the apples and the big rich few?Who decided that we should not have a say on how our lives are run,how our organised states are run?who decides who we are going to fight against?not me not you .the few.And their decisions are not based on the common good.The decisions they re making are only based on how toget richer,how to make profits for the "investors",(those vultures).
I can understand that most people would like to be rich ,only to be able to be free (or so they think,not without basis).
Watching the world,one can easily conclude that the only way out of this exploitation and opression situation is to have a lot of money,so you can escape to some far away land,and live without having all the vultures busting your balls.
But the world is getting smaller by the minute.Less and less places exist ,where someone can live in peace.Less and less there are societies that have enough to go around for everyone.Less and less people fall for the dream,for the myth that "anyone can succeed ,as long as he/she works hard".
Ity is not about working hard.It is not about anything.
It is blinded by the wealth semihumans,who would do anything to make money ,even though they ve got enough already to live 100 lives.(and still leave enough for a small city to live on).
Unless we somehow redistribute wealth (the wealth that for decades the west and few eastern asian "gangs" have stolen from earth.The wealth that got stolen from poor countries who couldnt rise up against super powers like the US or CVhina,or even UK or France or Germany....
Today things are getting harder for the poor.and easier for the rich.The gap gets bigger and evryone talks about it,but noone wants to act.
Instead ,we make analyses,we repeat the same old stories again and again,but the poor still get poorer every day.And they ve reached in most places on earth to a point they do not expect anything .they do not believe anything.
This is why nationalism rised.This is why the fascists and the racists found fertile minds to make their propaganda and spread hate.It is the hate that should be directed to the rich,to those who really are responsible.Instead,they ve created these shields of nationalism (parties set up with rich men financing them ,claiming they are fighting for th rights of the many...:((
Rubbish.The people have no solutions.The people have to choose only between dying by bullet or by starvation...some choice.
The people all over the world,are getting angrier by the second too.
And all this will not end well...noit for any of us.
Nor for the rich.
Unless we manage somehow to take over power,to eliminate the old system set up to serve the few,unless we bring it down and start from scratch to create equality and justice ,real,not the fake justice that one can buy at the right price.We need to make new laws,from scratch.we need to punish those who have been making these crimes against human kind.
I know it seems impossible task.where to start i hear you asking.I use to say from our own self.Now i m saying something different.Do not expect anything to start anywhere.....
We are doomed.There is no way humanity can repair the damage .
Those who brike it can not fix it.And we all took part in breaking our society.
We all accepted (or at least if you are like me tolerated) the situation.I hid at my cave ,in the hope it will all happen after i m dead(maybe in 10-20 years time).
But i was wrong.
It is a lot lot faster .
It is here already.
The war of humans .trhe war against humans.
The powers that rule,have creeated their defences,they pay people to protect their interests,they have police that gets paid by the fines they impose on the many,in order to earn a living(what living is this???you d be better off dead!)But anyhoo)
All around the world,mercenaries of all kinds.From the "terrorists" ,the funded by the rich (Saudis?USA?)to the "revolutionaries"(my ass)  of Ukrane.From the NATO sucking Poland and Hungary ,to the blood thirsty /monery grabbing bankers of europe and further afield...
Where to start???Today the US uses the Kurds to fight what the CIA created ,in order to maintain control over the oil wells of Iraq....
It all started when Bush and his cronies ,got the power in their hands.And who voted them into power?...hmmm...maybe those who did,should not expect today mercy.Nor help.
Who installed the european bankers into power,who gave them the right to decide for the peoples of europe?and what about the debt?the OECD instructions towards a "free market"..As if we want it.As if people will get better lives...
We are not yet it seems desperate.But soon we all be.The rate of change is such that no model can make predictions for anything...Not for the climate,not for the economy,not for anything.
The only guess we can surely make is that we will decent into war ,blood and death,only because the descendants of the pirates ,of those who back in the 18th and 19th century ,decided they had more rights over life than the rest of us.Those empire lovers,those who thought they can steal with no repurcussions...
And still do...
Capitalism and imperialism ,go well together.But they dont fit in the lives of humans.So we know where we need to start.Why dont we?because already,the system has been buying souls for a long time.
All those "scientists" who in order to get funding ,occupy their brains with how the rich can get richer.Those who have the dream to become the next CEO of google or something...
People will take up arms ,this is unavoidable.
People will try to kill those who they consider their exacutioners,those responsible for the crimes against humanity like Blair,or Scauble.
People will try to make the new world with blood....and this is why they ll fail.We will fail.
The few,managed to kill peace.MAnaged to make the young old.managed to make the young think like pensioners.or worst like vultures.
And the people are getting older,not enough money goes into the states ,so soon,social justice will be a thing of the past everywhere.
Chinese are brought up buying the dream that they will live like the US counterparts...LOL!!!If they all get a car,we all will die from pollution.But they dont seem to care...
European bankers too,dont care.They want to impose austerity ,not because they care for our future.Only so that they dont lose profits.
And the world economy expects a miracle ,growth!!:)
Growth of what ??
If ther is only one thing we all should strive for ,this is not growth butbalance.
We must stop this mad evolution of everythign without thought.
Only in order to get funding,science comes up with useless ideas and solutions.
Lets concentrate on what is really important first.Lets get back on track towards a humne society that cares for all humans ,and shares with all humans whatever it has.
The future has no room for greed.Not unless we all want to die.
So lets start from stopping the few expanding their operations,their controls over society.
Stop consuming crap that you dont need.
Find a balance to how much you produce and how much you enjoy life.
Since when the "plants" of the school era cecame the big brains that will save the world???They first need to get a life,to live,to see what it is like to be human.
Instead ,young get into univesrities only to secure a fat salary after finishing(so they can pay back the bankers),and produce for them too.....
The common enemy for all humans is greed.So lets fight it.lets destroy it and set an example .An example of what greedy bastards should really rget.Not approval,not advertisement,not promotion,but death.This is what they give ,that s what they ll get back.

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