Life is shit and then you die.(Bjorn the Norwegian,2005)
Oh man ,more words that mean nothing.i m fed up with it.every day ,someone is trying to convince someone for something.its as if our fucken purpose of existing on the planet is this and this only.
But its not ,it cant be ,the real picture.
I m sure i ve met and lived with people who werent anything like this.
people who didnt care to profit,just wanted to help and coexist.people who didnt care to impose their ideas on anyone ,people who trusted humans,people who loved the planet earth and all on it.and beyond..
No i m not trying to sound poetic or dramatic or impress you with untold truths.
no ,its really in front of us all.simplicity,balance.
no we dont need to destroy society to rebuilt a new one.we can make changes to the point of not recognition inour horrible system on earth.and its not going to be anything has to be on a small scale on a personal basis.people will change their beliefs,their attitude towards life.they will aknowledge the truth that they ve always known ,that this life is not to be spent in factories or offices.its not to be spent for money or is to be spent on what makes the soul happy and the body feeling good.thats secret there.but it takes courage to admit that you ve spent your life so far without meaning,without happiness without real satisfaction.but if you dont admit it now,then you ll carry on syuffering for longer.what is the point?ther s no better do it today rather than tomorrow.bye now.
sailιng in a straight line ,sailing without imagination,is like sailing in your bathtub.
Pointless and boring
(not to mention dangerous)